Hey I'm Hayden


Staff member
Hey there! I'm Hayden; I've been playing Total Miner since 2011, my older brother introduced me to it. There we had a world we'd play on, this was back when multiplayer was only on split screen. I was fascinated with it, I've never seen anything like it, Minecraft wasn't as popular at this time as it is now, so I've never heard of it by then. Total Miner just had this special feeling to me, no matter what I couldn't let go, even when mc came to the Xbox 360, I would keep coming back to Total Miner. Never would I have thought growing up playing this game, I would ever be a developer on this game but here we are now!

I would like to welcome all returning player, all new players, and of course the players that stuck around through the slow moments.

I see a bright future for this game, and I hope you all have fun on Total Miner 3.0!